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Judaism Key FAQ’s "Eye to the Infinite" Bringing Heaven Down to Earth
Judaism Key FAQ’s
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Eye to the Infinite
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Rabbi Dubov grapples with such questions as: life's purpose, the existence of G‑d, the purpose of the Chosen People, the holocaust, science vs religion and intermarriage. Answers to the questions: What is Jewish Meditation?  Is it applicable today?  How is it done?  How is it different from Eastern practices?  Can life be improved through Jewish meditation? Rabbi Tzvi Freeman has condensed the Lubavitcher Rebbe's thoughts into a collection of 365 encapsulated messages  which will surely inspire.
Soul Surfing Soul Surfing Living With Moshiach
Soul Surfing
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Seeds Of Wisdom
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Living With Moshiach
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Practical day-to-day mental and emotional health guide offering a synopsis of the purpose of Creation brought to every individual by way of real life examples that guide the reader towards the inner message of everyday life and its challenges. Culled From JEM's acclaimed My Encounter with the Rebbe interviews, Seeds of Wisdom is a heartwarming collection of short stories and encounters between the Lubavitcher Rebbe and people who sought his counsel on a wide array of life's questions and challenges. An Anthology of Brief Homilies and Insights on the Weekly Torah Readings and the Festivals by Jacob Immanuel Schochet
GPS for the Soul Mashiach
GPS for the Soul
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Newly published, this book explains Tanya's basic themes, chapter by chapter, in modern, clear, easy-to-grasp language - perfectly suited to the intense pace of life in the modern world. The Principle of Mashiach and the Messianic Era in Jewish Law and Tradition