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Mt. Meron, the site of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai's grave Rabbi Yehuda bar Ilai's gravesite Choni the great "Circle-drawer"s gravesite
The Zohar, the primary source text of Kabbalah, is built around Rabbi Shimon's revelations to his inner circle of disciples. Send a personal prayer to be recited at Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai's gravesite in Meron, as well as to that of his illustrious son Rabbi Elazar, who is buried next to him. Rabbi Yehuda bar Ilai was a Talmudic Sage who lived in dire poverty - yet his Torah learning sufficed to nourish him, so that he glowed with happiness and good health. Send your personal prayer to be recited by a member of our staff to his gravesite. Choni HaM'agel [the great "Circle-drawer"] was one of the Talmudic Sages, renowned in his time for his tremendous Torah knowledge; he was able to answer all difficulties that aroused in his yeshiva, as well as a wonder-worker.
Rabbi Yonatan ben Uziel's Gravesite (in Amuka) Rabbi Horowitz's Gravesite
Searching for a soul mate? A prayer to Rabbi Yonatan ben Uziel's gravesite in Amuka is a well-known remedy! Send a personal prayer to be recited at Rabbi Isaiah HaLevi Horowitz's gravesite in Tiberias and/or Maimonides tombsite nearby.