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if you're just getting started learning Kabbala, we offer great tutorials for beginners.
Here's a small excerpt:
The first verse of the Torah says: "In the beginning, God made the heaven and the earth. " The Pshat of anything is its simplest and most obvious explanation. In the case of this verse it is that, at the beginning of everything, G-d first made the heaven and the earth. As Rashi points out, however, there is something about the Hebrew text that “hints” to another level of explanation: The Torah did not come to teach the sequence of creating, to say what came first. If it had come to teach this it should have written: “At first—barishonah—He created the heavens and the earth,” for there is no “reishis” in the Torah that is not connected to the following word . . . (Rashi) The fact that the Torah does not employ the word "barishonah" results in a remez, or a hint, to another level of interpretation: b-reishis, which means “for the sake of reishis.”
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Kabbalistic eBooks by RH Drizin
Light of Ephraim
Our Price: $22.00
Sale Price: $18.00
Savings: $4.00
The Light of Ephraim by SImcha Benyosef is about self-growth and human relationship. It is about a master kabbalist relating to a young couple on their quest for spiritual meaning.

Two eBooks full of Kabbalah Insights, Mystic Meditations and Blessings for Shabbat and Tu B'shevat. Available only here!