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Chanukah Double Prayer Special:
Prayers to 2 special gravesites for donation of only $36
Kislev Triple Prayer Special
Prayers to 3 special gravesites for
donation of only $50
Send your personal prayer to be recited at gravesites
on the auspicious day when the soul hovers there.

Avritch shulYahrtzeit of the Avritcher Rebbe

12 Kislev [Nov. 24, 2015] who miraculously saved numerous lives here in Safed & whose synagogue stands until this day

Rabbi Chaim of Chernovitz

Rabbi Chaim of Chernovitz Safed, 27th of Kislev [1816].
Chana of Chanukah fame [Click here to read more]

whose story comes alive at their final resting place here in the Old Safed Cemetery.