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Ascent "How-to" Posters
Our parent organization is Ascent of Safed, a low-priced hostel and activities center founded almost 30 years ago in the Old City of Tzfat-Safed to provide a meaningful and comfortable experience for people seeking Jewish spirituality and enlightenment in our mystical, magical, ancient city. Kabbala Online, the most comprehensive, 100% kosher Internet source for Kabbala on the world wide web today - all offered for free - is another subsidiary.
ascent building
Ascent building by day
Ascent building at nite
Ascent building by night

Here are some views in our vicinity:

entrance to Safed
View of Safed from the highway
View of sunset from our porch
arched walkway
Arched walkway
cobblestoned street
Cobblestoned street

as well as some neighborhood scenes.

small boys playing in walkway
Small boys running in Old City walkway
another walkway
Another Old City walkway
Safed view

Safed view, including cemetery
chassid walking up steps in Safed
Chassid walking up steps in Safed