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Shabbat Chumash Shabbat Chumash Shabbat Chumash Siddur
Feldheim Chumash
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Gutnick Chumash
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This Feldheim Shabbat Chumash presents all the Shabbat texts in one handy volume: parshiyot and haftarot are followed by the complete Shabbat tefillot (Edot Mizrach) - Hebrew only The first Chumash to include a commentary anthologized from the works of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, it also boasts a large sampling of inspirational Chasidic thoughts and insights into the Parsha, as well as practical lessons for our daily lives. The diagrams, charts, and illustrations all add to make this the perfect Chumash for layman or scholar. Beautifully bound in a hand-tooled leather style cover. A clear easy-to-use Siddur with full translation by Rabbi Nissen Mangel as well as Clear and detailed instructions on the mechanics of the prayers (when to sit, stand, etc.) and on their laws and customs. The complete siddur Tehillat Hashem newly typeset in a clear and easy to read font in the classic format.