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It is commonly assumed that the study of Kabbalah is traditionally considered taboo, and there is some support for this view. Kabbalah was and still is considered an advanced topic in Torah study, suited only for those who will be sure to study it in the spirit of holiness in which it was written.

While all traditional rabbinic authorities subscribe to this ideal theoretically, there is a full gamut of opinion as to how it should be implemented. At one extreme are the authorities who would limit the study of Kabbalah to accomplished Torah scholars of exemplary righteousness; at the other extreme are authorities who stress the critical importance of spreading the study of Kabbalah to the widest possible audience, both as a panacea for our generation’s spiritual ills and as a preparation for the imminent messianic redemption.

Most opinions lay somewhere in the middle, encouraging the study of Kabbalah if certain minimum character requirements are met.

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