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Festivals of the Full Moon

If you're just getting started learning Kabbala, we also offer great tutorials for beginners.

Here's a small excerpt:

The first verse of the Torah says: "In the beginning, God made the heaven and the earth. " The Pshat of anything is its simplest and most obvious explanation. In the case of this verse it is that, at the beginning of everything, G-d first made the heaven and the earth. As Rashi points out, however, there is something about the Hebrew text that “hints” to another level of explanation: The Torah did not come to teach the sequence of creating, to say what came first. If it had come to teach this it should have written: “At first—barishonah—He created the heavens and the earth,” for there is no “reishis” in the Torah that is not connected to the following word . . . (Rashi) The fact that the Torah does not employ the word "barishonah" results in a remez, or a hint, to another level of interpretation: b-reishis, which means “for the sake of reishis.”

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"APPLES FROM THE ORCHARD" Ascent Quarterly Judaism Key FAQ’s
Apples from the Orchard

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Judaism Key FAQ’s
Our Price: $5.50
Sale Price: $3.50
Savings: $2.00
"APPLES FROM THE ORCHARD" burst upon the world in 2006; deep mystical insights from the "Holy Arizal" of Safed on the Weekly Torah portions, translated into English. Also includes an extensive commentary relevant for both advanced and beginning students of Kabbalah alike.

Take a walk down memory lane with the precursor of Ascentofsafed.com website; this quarterly was the last printed. It includes articles on Tips for Travelers to Katzrin, Inner Dimensions of Reincarnation, a full-page comic, as well as answers to questions concerning fashion and fortune telling. 20 pages.

Rabbi Dubov grapples with such questions as: life's purpose, the existence of G‑d, the purpose of the Chosen People, the holocaust, science vs religion and intermarriage.
Available also for reading online:
Under the Full Moon Shabbat Chumash Guidance From the Rebbe
Under the Full Moon
Our Price: $5.00
Feldheim Chumash
Our Price: $13.00
Sale Price: $5.00
Savings: $8.00
Guidance From the Rebbe
Our Price: $11.00
Sale Price: $6.00
Savings: $5.00
A booklet of mystical stories
translated or adapted by Yerachmiel Tilles.
This Feldheim Shabbat Chumash presents all the Shabbat texts in one handy volume: parshiyot and haftarot are followed by the complete Shabbat tefillot (Edot Mizrach) - Hebrew only A record of personal visits and correspondence between a London businessman and the Lubavitcher Rebbe concerning a wide range of topics such as family life, business decisions, and politics - especially concerning Israel.
"Eye to the Infinite" Purim Light Shabbat Meal Meditations by RH Drizin
Purim Light
Our Price: $14.00
Sale Price: $10.00
Savings: $4.00
Shabbat Meal Meditations
Our Price: $10.00
Answers to the questions: What is Jewish Meditation?  Is it applicable today?  How is it done?  How is it different from Eastern practices?  Can life be improved through Jewish meditation? Renowned Torah scholar Avraham Sutton uncovers deep layers of meaning behind the characters and events of the Purim story on three interrelated levels -- the individual, the collective, and the cosmic / divine. Kabbalah Insights, Blessings and Meditations for each of the four Shabbat meals including weekday Meditations, Zohar passages for Erev Shabbat, kavanot (mystic intentions) for all four Shabbat meals.
Amukah, the Hidden Valley Arizal Signature T-Shirt Reflections At Sunset by Trugman
Amukah, the Hidden Valley
Our Price: $15.00
Sale Price: $10.00
Savings: $5.00
Arizal Signature T-Shirt
Our Price: $18.00
Sale Price: $10.00
Savings: $8.00
Reflections At Sunset
Our Price: $12.00
Little did I know that I would visit the mysterious forest of Amukah - a hidden valley of mystical dreams, holy eternal resting place of the Tanna, Rav Yonason ben Uziel.the very same summer that my wife-to-be would. Authenticated signature of the Holy Arizal, Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, taken from a document found in the Cairo Geniza. Cool and comfortable, white with blue lettering. Made in Israel. Inspired by the rich heritage of poetry in Jewish tradition, these poems express the beauty of the holidays and Shabbat, the emotions aroused by life cycle events, the personal relevance of Jewish history, as well as the mystical teachings of Kabbalah and the profound effect of being in the pristine ambiance of nature, especially in the Holy Land of Israel.
Soul Surfing Mystical Meaning of Dreams by Trugman "Eye to the Infinite"
Soul Surfing
Our Price: $12.00
Mystical Meaning of Dreams
Our Price: $13.00

Eye to the Infinite [softcover]
Our Price: $13.00

Practical day-to-day mental and emotional health guide offering a synopsis of the purpose of Creation brought to every individual by way of real life examples that guide the reader towards the inner message of everyday life and its challenges. By comprehending the psychological and prophetic nature of our dreams, as well as analyzing the many dreams revealed in the Bible, we learn how to understand dreams and use them to nurture our own spiritual and emotional growth. Answers to the questions: What is Jewish Meditation?  Is it applicable today?  How is it done?  How is it different from Eastern practices?  Can life be improved through Jewish meditation?
Mystical Meaning of Music by Trugman Return Again by Trugman Hospitality and Sukkot
Return Again
Our Price: $16.00
Sale Price: $14.00
Savings: $2.00
Hospitality and Sukkot
Our Price: $15.00
Rabbi Trugman delves into the different qualities of music and the reasons it exerts such a strong influence upon us, to give us a profound understanding of the power of music and of the music that lies deep within us. Rabbi Trugman delves into the overall context, philosophic foundations, and sometimes startling implications of the reality of reincarnation for the individual, the light it sheds on Biblical personalities and events, and the anticipated redemption of all mankind. The mystical perspective of the mitzvahs of dwelling in a Sukkah and of hospitality, including specific prayers and poems, Kavanot - mystical focuses and contemplations - for sitting in the Sukkah, children's stories and Sukkah songs.
Kabbala and Meditations for Nations Soul Surfing The Secrets of the Magen David
Kabbala and Meditations for Nations
Our Price: $25.00
Sale Price: $15.00
Savings: $10.00

Seeds Of Wisdom
Our Price: $15.00
The Secrets of the Magen David
Our Price: $16.00

Rabbi Ginsburgh offers a glimpse into the tremendous mystical power and meaning of G-d's covenant with humanity and the Seven Noahide Laws, as explained in Kabbalah. Culled From JEM's acclaimed My Encounter with the Rebbe interviews, Seeds of Wisdom is a heartwarming collection of short stories and encounters between the Lubavitcher Rebbe and people who sought his counsel on a wide array of life's questions and challenges. Rabbi Trugman delves into the development of the Magen David as a Jewish symbol along with an in-depth exploration of its deeper spiritual meanings and symbolism.
Master of Time by Trugman Tree of Life by RH Drizin Shabbat Chumash
Becoming a Master of Time
Our Price: $16.00

Tree of Life
Our Price: $17.00
Gutnick Chumash
Our Price: $18.00
"Some people count the moments, others make their moments count"
This popular saying expresses the purpose of this book in a nutshell - to inspire and aid people to accomplish the worthwhile goal of mastering their time.
An anthology of Kabbalah Insights, Blessings and Meditations for the Tu B'Shevat Seder - including the mystical kavanot (intentions) for a wide variety of fruits. The first Chumash to include a commentary anthologized from the works of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, it also boasts a large sampling of inspirational Chasidic thoughts and insights into the Parsha, as well as practical lessons for our daily lives. The diagrams, charts, and illustrations all add to make this the perfect Chumash for layman or scholar. Beautifully bound in a hand-tooled leather style cover.
GPS for the Soul Light of Ephraim Kabalah 101
GPS for the Soul
Our Price: $18.00

Light of Ephraim
Our Price: $22.00
Sale Price: $18.00
Savings: $4.00
Kabalah 101
Our Price: $18.00
Newly published, this book explains Tanya's basic themes, chapter by chapter, in modern, clear, easy-to-grasp language - perfectly suited to the intense pace of life in the modern world. The Light of Ephraim by SImcha Benyosef is about self-growth and human relationship, written as a story of a master kabbalist relating to a young couple on their quest for spiritual meaning.

For beginners who want to start to learn the ancient mystical tradition

Anatomy of the Soul Festivals-of-the-Full-Moon by Tilles Kabbalistic eBooks by RH Drizin
Anatomy of the Soul
Our Price: $20.00
Festivals of the Full Moon
Our Price: $20.00

Rabbi Ginsburgh offers a structured review and explanation of the psyche and its place in the larger and more complex super-structure of the soul in this book.

Now you can enjoy, read and re-read, stories from Rabbi Yerachmiel Tilles’ famed repertoire - stories of Kabbalah sages, Chasidic masters, and other Jewish heroes dating from 16th century Israel to 21st century USA.

Two eBooks full of Kabbalah Insights, Mystic Meditations and Blessings for Shabbat and Tu B'shevat. Available only here!