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Rabbi Perets Auerbach is one of the master teachers of Kabbala in English in Jerusalem today. Originally from New York, he has been living and learning Torah and Kabbala in Jerusalem for 18 years.

He teaches at Shuvu Ami beit medrash, lectures in Kabbalah and chassidut at the Jerusalem Connection and Heritage House and to private groups.

Rabbi Auerbach is also a talented musician. He is currently working on an all new translation of the Zohar into English with extensive commentary as well as a musical CD entitled "Music, Meditation and Mysticism."

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Kabalah 101 Science, Art, and Heart of Meditation Zohar translation
Kabalah 101
Our Price: $18.00

For beginners who want to start to learn the ancient mystical tradition

"Hitbodidu -it, the Science, Art, and Heart of Meditation" will bring tremendous clarity to the study of Meditation and other Kabbalistic themes. Includes 105 Jewish Meditation Techniques & the Mystical Experiences they can produce.

"Zohar, the Book of Splendor", by Rabbi Perets Auerbach, is an accurate and readable translation of the complete introduction to Zohar. His additional lucid in-depth commentary will revolutionize the study of this classic Kabbala text.