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Help for the lovelorn!

Yonatan ben Uziel lived 2000 years ago, passing away on 26 Sivan. He was the greatest of all Rabbi Hillel's students , was also known for his Targum ["Translation"] of The Prophets. The Talmud says that he also planned to author a translation-commentary on The Writings, but was prevented by Heaven so that he would not reveal the secrets of the final redemption. [Megillah 3a]

Rabbi Yonatan ben Uziel never married, preferring to dedicate his time in this world to learning Torah. Many people believe that he endeavors to rectify this failing of his by dedicating his efforts in the World of Truth to helping soul mates find one another.

His gravesite is near the village of Amuka, nestled on the hillside. Rabbi Shmuel ben Shimshon wrote about the tomb in 1210: "There is a large tree next to it, and the Ishmaelites bring oil and light a candle in his honor and make vows in his honor." An illustration of Yonatan ben Uzziel's tomb appears in "Ancestry of fathers and prophets" (Hebrew: יחוס אבות ונביאים), a book printed in 1537.

Thousands come there to pray for help in finding their true mate, especially the first day of the first day of the lunar month,, as well as on the anniversary of his passing - as well as all year round!