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Life is about tikun, or personal rectification, much of which can only be achieved if a person is aware of the “rules” of life, not just the physical laws of nature, but the spiritual ones as well.

This course will help also with one of the more challenging aspects of life - relationships with other people. Sometimes personality differences enhance interpersonal relationships, other times they interfere with them. Understanding the spiritual basis of personality and the impact of the soul on personal outlook makes it easier to build and maintain relationships with others.

Another benefit of this course will be a greater understanding of the dynamics of Jewish history. Not all people and events can be understood in everyday terms. Sometimes we do things and events occur that defy explanation, until, that is, that reincarnation is inserted into the equation. Better understanding of the past makes navigation of the present easier, and the path to the future, safer. This too is an objective of this course.

Above all it is hoped that those who continue with this course on reincarnation find it highly informative, and above all, enjoyable.

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#1 What Is Pardes? #2 What Are The 10 Sefirot? #3 The 5 Levels of Soul
#1 What Is Pardes?
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#2 What Are The 10 Sefirot?
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#3 The 5 Levels of Soul
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There are four levels on which the Torah can be interpreted, represented by the word “Pardes.” Kabbalah, to which the topic of reincarnation belongs, is the highest and most sublime level. To advance from level to level is to also increase one’s self-knowledge and level of personal rectification To appreciate how tikun works, it is necessary to have a working knowledge of the 10 sefirot and how they work. Though a person may have only one soul, the soul itself has five parts. Personal growth is the process of ascending from level to level. Though all levels are in a person from birth, access to them is an ongoing process of life.
#4 Adam Shalaim #5 What Is Reincarnation? #6 Reasons For Reincarnation
#4 Adam Shalaim
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#5 What Is Reincarnation?
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The term “Adam Shalaim” means “complete person.” The Torah says that we were made in the “image of God,” something that is more a potential at birth than an actual reality. A person's objective in this world is to fulfill that potential. Though the idea of reincarnation is generally understood, it is more complicated than most people imagine. Ideally a person should only live once. However, people make mistakes and may require reincarnations to rectify them. When, and why?
#7 Leaving The Husks #8 Famous Gilgulim #9 Moses the Law-Giver
#7 Leaving The Husks
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#8 Famous Gilgulim
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#9 Moses the Law-Giver
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After Adam sinned, all the souls of mankind which had previously been part of his soul “fell off” of him and into the Kelipot, the realm of spiritual impurity. To achieve rectification, each soul must leave the Kelipot, a process that involves reincarnation and can take an entire lifetime Yisro was Moshe’s father-in-law, Korach was his nemesis, Aharon HaKohen was his brother, and Iyov was the key to his freedom. They all have interesting pasts. The greatest teacher history has even known is also the longest running story of reincarnation, from the beginning of history until its end.
#10 Other Famous Gilgulim #11 The Ten Martyrs #15 Moshiach & Redemption
#10 Other Famous Gilgulim
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#11 The Ten Martyrs
Our Price: $10.00
#15 Moshiach & Redemption
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Famous people whose connections are not as well known: Eliezer, the servant of Avraham, Caleiv, Lavan, Bilaam, Naval HaCaremlli, Bava ben Buta and Rabbi Chaim Vital himself. The ten rabbis who died at the hands of the Roman lived long after Yosef [Joseph] and brothers had died. Yet, their cruel deaths and inexplicably connected to the life of Yosef. Before Moshiach Ben Dovid can bring an end to history and usher in the Messianic Era, Moshiach Ben Yosef must first lay the groundwork for the Final Redemption.
Zohar, Saba d'Mishpatim Entire Reincarnation Course
Zohar, Saba d'Mishpatim
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Entire Reincarnation Course
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Sale Price: $120.00
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The study of the inner meanings of words and the creative power of the letters is the heart of the Jewish esoteric tradition, the Kabbalah. The 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet are vessels that channel God’s powerful spiritual energy for creating the world. The student of Kabbalah is made aware of the personal as well as the collective rectification process and is encouraged to play an active part in it.