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Mezuzah Cases Challah & Matzah Covers
For many people, Tzfat and art are one and the same, as one can see from a cursory search on Google. Many of our residents are artistic in myriad ways - our "Artists Quarter" and Galleries are full of their paintings and Judaic articles.

Poster - "What to do in a Sukkah" Poster - “Hospitality” Poster - “Preparing for Shabbat”
Suggestions for what to do in your Sukkah, as well as topics for thought in a Sukkah, feelings in a Sukkah, plus a Sukkah Meditation are all part of this pleasantly designed poster where all the above can be on your wall, right at your eye level! Guidelines for easy hosting, sources, tips, advice, and a “Dear Guest” letter, all at eye level! Quotes from sources such as the Midrash, Nachmanides, Talmud, Code of Jewish Law, the Baal Shem Tov, as well as practical advice, a checklist, and short stories can all be yours with this pleasantly designed poster!