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Kabbalistic Calendar Mezuzah Cases Challah & Matzah Covers
For many people, Tzfat and art are one and the same, as one can see from a cursory search on Google. Many of our residents are artistic in myriad ways - our "Artists Quarter" and Galleries are full of their paintings and Judaic articles.

Calendar with Mystical Insights Artist's portrayal of Baba Sali Artist's portrayal of Maimonides
This 16 month calendar with Inspirational Photography of Israel will connect your body and soul to the Holy Land. A portrayal of the Baba Sali, a Moroccan Sage of our own time Based on photographs A portrayal of Maimonides, the righteous codifier and great doctor. Buried in Teverya [Tiberius]
Artist's portrayal of Ari Artist's portrayal of Ari Imperial Challah Cover
Imperial Challah Cover #1
Our Price: $45.00
A portrayal of Rabbi Yosef Karo, the author of the Code of Jewish Law, who is buried in the Tzfat cemetery A portrayal of the Holy Ari hovering over the Tzfat cemetery Every challah & matzah cover is individually designed and embroidered beautifully by our very own Mala Neuman.