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What is the Kaddish prayer? What is a Yahrtzeit? Laws of Reciting Kaddish Double Mitzvah/Kaddish Arrangements

Honoring your dear departed's memory properly is important to you.
But if you lack the ability, time, know-how, opportunity or the proper place to fulfill the obligation of saying Kaddish for a departed family member - w
e can help you.

We will arrange to have the Kaddish prayer recited on your behalf by a Torah scholar right here in the ancient holy city of Safed during the daily prayer services as specified in Jewish law.
The payment rendered for this service will help support Ascent of Safed's many worthy activities strengthening Jewish heritage worldwide and year-round.

You will be fulfilling all your obligations according to Jewish Law in a most commendable way, for you will merit a double mitzvah – honoring your dear departed's soul as well as giving them and yourself the additional merit of charity.

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Kaddish prayer recital
Our Price: $360.00
The recital of the Kaddish prayer three times a day for the entire period of mourning required for a parent, by a Torah scholar in the holy city of Safed. An information packet about mourning practices and Yahrtzeit will be emailed to you for free.