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Rabbi Mo Siev

"Rabbi Mo", master of Jewish mysticism.


Americans transplanted to
the Holy Mystical City of Safed-Tzfat, Israel

Committed to provide you with
Kosher & authentic
Books of Kabbalah
Kabbalistic Artwork and
Music of Spirituality

We also recite your personal prayers
at the nearby resting places of
Jewish Sages and Kabbalists.

Rabbi Tilles

Rabbi Tilles, Chassidic storyteller, 
author of Saturday Night, Full Moon.
Best known for leading Saturday night parties at Ascent.

Our parent organization is Ascent of Safed, a low-priced hostel and activities center founded in September 1983 in the Old City of Tzfat-Safed to provide a meaningful and comfortable experience for people seeking Jewish spirituality and enlightenment in our mystical, magical, ancient city. It is a year-round visitors' center, Jewish youth hostel, and religious retreat located in the picturesque Old City of Safed offering genuine Kabbalistic studies and meditation, hikes, and a Safed mystical Shabbat experience.

At any given time, you might find a group of a dozen students from Hebrew University of Jerusalem, or a bunch of volunteers from a kibbutz, mixed in with a summer family tour group from a temple in Oregon, plus a newlywed couple from Brazil and a lone searcher from Prague. Originally started for English-speaking visitors from abroad, Ascent now presents full programs as well to Hebrew-speaking population from all over the country.

Besides English, Hebrew and Russian, seminars have also been conducted (so far) in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Parsi and Mandarin Chinese! The latest addition is seminars and Shabbatons tailored specially to the needs of Israeli soldiers, at the request of the IDF itself! Last year, more than 20,000 visitors passed through ASCENT's doors.

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